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Strike Force Heroes 2 Unblocked - Play online

Strike Force Heroes 2 unblocked is a flash game that is meant to be a newstrike force heroes 2 unblocked version of the shooting game Strike Force Heroes, with improved graphics, higher levels of detail, more weapons, weapon upgrades and additional types of soldiers to play with. You can choose between the following soldier types: Engineer, Mercenary, General, Juggernaut, and Sniper. There is a specific weapon set for each of these classes and each of them has some weaknesses and strengths. The soldier can be moved using the keys W, A, S and D or the arrow keys, depending on what you choose. Aiming and shooting can be performed using a mouse. The Engineer uses unique gadgets and can perform well with mid-range weapons.

More about the SFH2 unblocked game

The Mercenary is able to overpower enemies, helped by powerful explosivessfh2 unblocked and heavy machine guns. The General can take advantage of the weaknesses that the enemy may have and can beat the enemy in close-range combat. The Juggernaut uses close-range weapons or small explosives and wears heavy armor. The General can contribute a lot to the overall capabilities of the whole team using his own abilities. You can customize the skills of every type of soldier the way you want. You can use the soldier tab from the main menu to modify your soldier’s outfit: helmets, uniforms, and body. Passive skills and killstreaks can also be changed. Whenever you finish a match, you can benefit from unlocking new items from the shop. The money earned will help you purchase new weapons. You can play slots for having the opportunity to get a super weapon, but you can also lose money if you decide to do this.

Strike force heroes 2 unblocked - Tips and Tricksstrike force heroes 2

In Strike Force Heroes 2 unblocked you can select one of the three game modes named campaign, challenges and custom game. In the campaign mode, you are part of a story with different missions. Fifteen missions are available in the challenges mode, which can be gradually unlocked once you advance through the mode. In a custom game, you can choose from Deathmatch, capture the flag, domination, one man army, and gun game. Strike Force Heroes 2 unblocked is very addicting because of the various features like detailed levels, a multitude of weapons and the medals that you can receive.


[W] Jump [A] Move Left [S]- Crouch [D] Move Right [R] Reload [Q] Switch Weapons [E] Killstreak [Mouse] -Shoot

  You're going to be deeply in love with the newest alterations in this particular sequel.   Features a save feature to store the ball player's match data. new soldiers with 5 distinct classes composed of engineer, mercenary, overall, juggernaut along with sniper. Apart from the manners from the prior match there is now also a customized game style. The skill system is currently more diverse with each category using 5 passive abilities and 5 killstreak abilities. Shops possess exceptional firearms and equipment. There are 2-1 new chords to accumulate. Better setup with the mouse right click to install re-load, killstreak or switch firearms. User's interface was updated to be improved and more contemporary.  

Play Strike Force Heroes 2

Utilize WASD or Arrow keys to proceed. Use Wup arrow or space to leap. Hold Down or S arrow into crouch. Click to take. Utilize Q or Alter to change weapons.  

Tips and Tricks

As soon as your low on health/ammo, decide to try and proceed find health/ammo pick ups to reload. If your game is running slow, then consider lowering the images from the choice. Celebrate the point terrain closely that will assist you pick the suitable weapon and soldier combination. Sign before playing to have the ability to store your game data in order you can return and keep on playing by employing a free accounts.



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Strike Force Heroes 2 Hacked

Strike Force Heroes 2 Hacked Strike Force Heroes 2 hacked is the second edition of the popular shooting flash game, which offers us a lot of interesting levels and characters. If we compare this version to the previous one, we will notice some upgrades in level details, graphics, and gameplay. The Strike Force Heroes 2 (SFH2) has five major soldier classes, all of them have different skills and abilities. These are The Engineer, The Mercenary, The General, The Juggernaut and The Sniper. As I have already said, they all differ from each other by the absolutely unique set of weapons and abilities. For example, The Engineer has several unique gadgets and is good at mid-range weapons. The Mercenary is good at machine guns and explosives.Juggernaut…

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