Strike Force Heroes 2 Hacked

strikefoceheroes2hackedStrike Force Heroes 2 Hacked

Strike Force Heroes 2 hacked is the second edition of the popular shooting flash game, which offers us a lot of interesting levels and characters. If we compare this version to the previous one, we will notice some upgrades in level details, graphics, and gameplay.
The Strike Force Heroes 2 (SFH2) has five major soldier classes, all of them have different skills and abilities. These are The Engineer, The Mercenary, The General, The Juggernaut and The Sniper. As I have already said, they all differ from each other by the absolutely unique set of weapons and abilities. For example, The Engineer has several unique gadgets and is good at mid-range weapons. The Mercenary is good at machine guns and explosives.Juggernaut has a very heavy armor and is only good at close range battles. But keep in mind, that the soldier class is not the only difference between them when you choose your soldier, you will be able to customize their abilities according to your needs.

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One of the most anticipated flash games Strike Force Heroes 2 Hacked is waiting for devoted players. Are you ready to continue the first part of this shooting online flash game in the next sequel? Well, fans get ready for the excellent continuation of the first part with better storylines, improved graphics, cool screenplays and a vast array of weapons for evil enemies. Meet 5 new soldiers with special upgrades and attachments to defend themselves. In order to perform the best of your skills, switch weapons and use the mouse for aim and shooting. Enjoy hacked version for god mode, ammo, rapid fire and infinite money. Are you ready for those bonuses? Killstreaks, campaigns, various challenges and all these in one version of the game. Join us in the awaited sequel of the game Strike Force Heroes 2 Hacked and create new fighters or meet other characters in different modes